RTI Files

Here are links to a few RTI/PTM data files for lithics; you will need the free RTIViewer software to see them (freely available at the Cultural Heritage Imaging website). You should right-click on the links and choose “Save As”, otherwise you will see bunch of weird text in your browser; in some browsers, Alt-click will also download the link directly. There are two kinds of RTI data files. *.ptm files are a fitting of a binomial quadratic equation to the light curve, while *.rti use a 2nd or 3rd order Legendre polynomial for the fit. *.rti files are a better fit, but there are more visualization modes available with *.ptm files. I have many more – contact me if there’s a point type you’d like to see (and that I have). Note: These files are up to about 70┬áMB in size; the modern obsidian point files are the largest (but are indicative of the kind of resolution you can get with this technique).

Modern obsidian point (PTM)
Modern obsidian point (RTI)

Chalcedony point (PTM)
Chalcedony point (RTI)

Molina Spring Clovis (PTM)
Molina Spring Clovis (RTI)